Training Policy

Learners who are being trained as security guards/Technicians at our facilities are subjected to the requirements of this uniform policy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that individuals who are being trained exhibit uniformity in appearance so that enrolled learners, employed staff, and the general public are able to identify and recognize the status of the trainees. The uniforms serve to exhibit the purpose of the training and to be seen externally as trainees or as new recruits. Uniforms will also help learners when training is completed to maintain and continue in the right path in terms of grooming and attire for employment opportunities.

While Trainees are enrolled in the training program they must at all times conform to the uniform policy otherwise they will lose merit points toward their final grade and may be expelled from the program without any refund of fees paid.



A.     All Security Guard trainees must dress according to the following:

  •  Black pants or Skirt
  • White long-sleeved shirts/blouse or short-sleeved shirts/blouse
  •  Black Tie


1.      Each trainee shall wear black rubber-soled shoes (not tennis shoes or sneakers) while in uniform.

2.      The uniform policy is applicable to all trainees regardless of gender.

3.       Failure to wear uniform in accordance with this policy shall result in disciplinary action. Repeated violations of this policy may result in failure of receiving a certificate of completion for the course. 

B.     All Trainee Technicians must dress as follows

a.      Work boot where necessary

b.      Plain t-shirts or Polo shirts

c.      Straight jeans or Pants with not cut-outs or tears

d.      No Offensive logos or brands on t-shirts or pants

e.      No caps

f.       No earrings for males  


1.      Sneakers/tennis shoes, jeans, shorts, sweatpants and/or T-shirts are not acceptable attire for any learner on training.

2.      Trainees are expected to report for training physically clean, neat, and well groomed, and remain presentable while on duty.



1.      Each trainee shall be responsible to maintain, clean and properly care for his/her uniform.




We strongly encourage you to attend ALL live lessons. Because we understand that special circumstances may require a missed class occasionally, Stopbandit Security has not implemented a policy to accommodate for those situations where you miss classes. There is compulsory 70% attendance requirement for you to receive a certificate of completion


Students will be able to receive a 10% grade toward their final grade. Therefore trainees with 100% attendance will receive the maximum store of 10%. Trainee below 70% attendance will not receive any marks for attendance.

A Ten percent 10% grade will also go towards class participation. Therefore students will be observed for their involvement in class and or group activities 30% of the final grade will go towards class tests and 50% of the final grade will come from the final exam



Students who fail the course may take a resist exam within two weeks at a cost 1/3 the full cost of the course. Trainee may resist two times within three months, however, if trainee is still not successful he/she will have to be retrained at the full cost of the course.


It our policy that trainees who need special assistance in completing and passing the course may contact The Trainer to make alternative arrangements in completing the course successfully.



The registration fee in non-refundable

Stopbandit Security reserves the right to cancel programs that do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements. In the event a program must be canceled, we will work with trainee to move their enrollments to a future offering. A refund will be issued if rescheduling is not possible for the learner in this case.


If a trainee realizes that he/she is unable to meet the attendance requirements for the training, there are two options:

·        Transfer enrollment to a future offering of the training at no additional charge.

·        Transfer enrollment to another person for the training. This option is available only if the first two lesson of the program has not yet commenced.

It should be noted that after the materials have been delivered (including training manuals, workbooks, and other materials), a full refund cannot be provided. A partial refund (50%) will be offered if the participant is not able to reschedule to participate within three months of the original enrollment. No refunds are offered after three months. 


Please sign in Agreement to the above Training Policy