Training Information

Thank you for considering Stopbandit Security company to prepare you to become a security officer. It would be our pleasure to have you for 80 hours of productive learning and sharing.

Once you have registered you will be allowed to enter the training portal and you can use the information to start preparing yourself for the training. However, your training will not start immediately. The training will start when there is sufficient people to conduct a training session or two weeks has elapsed since registration. 

A one to one training can be organized for persons who wishes to do the course in a hurry for an additional sum. Please email your particular interest.

Once you have registered a preemptive date of approximate two weeks will be assigned for your training to start. If you registered within an upcoming training session you will be automatically added to the training.


It is advised that persons register for the course firstly without paying full amount of the money for the course upfront and wait for a training date. Once a training date is announced. The course fee should then be paid.

The registration fee of $50 USD is non-refundable. Please see the Training Policy on refunds. However, it may take you up to two months to be refunded part or some of the course fee depending on your particular situation. 


Stopbandit Security company in association with the trainer Kenneth Dillon will issue you a training certificate after the successful completion of the Unarmed Security Course. This certificate should be taken to the offices of the PSRA to gain your security license as a private security guard. Stopbandit Security Company or Kenneth Dillon does not issue Private Security License.

When training course is completed we will assist you in getting your PSRA license.



The course is not affiliated with HEART NTA or any other certification body but the trainer is authorized by PSRA to deliver the training material and at the end of the training the trainer is so inclined to issue a Certificate of Completion

It is our intention however to get certification through a certification body like HEART so the certificate can be more recognized. Nonetheless the course is absolutely legal and is delivered by trained security personnel and the certificate is accepted in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries since we are associated with the PSRA.

(Private Security Regulation Authority).





Stopbandit Security